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Large Grain Storage Bag - Space-Saving, Secure Seal

Large Grain Storage Bag - Space-Saving, Secure Seal

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1. Durability: PE material has high durability and can effectively resist tearing, abrasion and chemical corrosion, making the storage bag have a long service life.
2. Moisture resistance: PE material has good moisture resistance, which can effectively prevent the penetration of water and moisture, and keep the dryness and quality of miscellaneous grains.
3. Convenience: The storage bag can well store all kinds of coarse grains at home, sorted and placed, easy to take

Product information:
Color: cream
Material: Matt laminated/nylon/PE
Shape: handbag type
Microwave oven: Unavailable
Style: modern simplicity
Capacity: 2.1-3L

Size:26.5 * 34.6cm

Packing list:
Storage bag * 1 piece

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